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Longbridge is a social securities brokerage service provider dedicated to providing users with a safe, stable, rich and efficient global investment experience. We provide one-stop overseas asset investment services, integrating financial asset transactions such as us and Hong Kong stocks and overseas funds, 24x7 financial information and investment social networking.

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Up to 32,000 trading products


Up to 20x Financing for Hot HK IPOs


One account to trade 8 major financial markets in the world, including HK and US, etc


US Share Financing Rate from 4.59% p.a.


0 interest if sell within 2 days, providing a friendly trading environment for short-term margin traders


Open An Account to Receive Free Level 2 Market Data for HK Stocks

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Customer Service Hotline: 400-071-2688
Customer service opening hours: 24 hours on trading days, 9:00-18:00 on non-trading days (GMT+8)


Long Bridge Securities Ltd., a member of Long Bridge Group, is a New Zealand registered Financial Service Provider (FSP registration: FSP600050) . And Long Bridge Hong Kong Ltd., a member of Long Bridge Group, is also a licensed corporation recognized by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (Central Number: BPX066), and holds the SFC type 1, 4, and 9 licenses, providing securities trading & advisory and asset management services.

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Please be cautious because investment is risky. Risks include the possibility of losing all of the investment principal. You should carefully consider whether the financial products is suitable for you based on your own investment experience, goals, financial situation, etc. Different financial products have different levels of risk. If in doubt, you should seek investment advice from professionals.